The GS Gazette has managed to obtain a photograph of the real Jamie-Lynn Russo!

Jamie Russo, now known as Jamie McNotsofemale, aka “Jenna,” shocked the GS Community months ago by pulling a J.D. and ending up male. The fiasco was exposed when he signed onto a local GS chatroom as Jamie, claiming to be dying right then and there. This prompted Gender Studies regular Glinda McFemale to dial 911, afterwhich McNotsofemale claimed to be Jamie’s husband, in the ambulance with her (and yet also typing in the chatroom at the same time). McFemale eventually paid money to an online service to look up the info she had for Jamie in order to get her address to send help. This eventually resulted in Jamie being outted as a 45-year-old black, male, transvestite.

For months, McNotsofemale had claimed to be the perky, flirtatious blonde seen below. After these events transpired, it was discovered that Jamie, whose name is actually Paul, is, in reality, the transvestite man featured below on the right:

The fake Jamie Russo.

The fake Jamie Russo.

The real Jamie Russo.

The real Jamie Russo.

Shortly after this, McNotsofemale created an account known as Jenna (no longer working) and e-mailed users to get Glinda’s personal info, outraged at being outed and blaming her for it. When this didn’t work, he later posted a public apology, claiming he was still Jamie on the inside, and that he had only pretended to be her because no one would accept him as a woman in real life. But it was too late. He had crossed too many lines and hurt too many people, and generally behaved in ways that the real “Jamie” never would have. Finally, he left Gender Studies altogether, although some speculate that he is still posting on another account.

Glinda, broken by all Paul had done to her, later lamented the following in memory of her ordeal with “Jamie”:

I’ll define a creep for you because this happened today.

A creep is someone who I befriended because they are a 29 year old wife and mother, with 2 babies and a loving husband. Someone who begged me to stay up and chat with her, since she was frightened of dying of cancer. Three months to live. I prayed for this friend every day, for healing.

With my own two hands, I made for this person a pink hat and scarf with a purple flower on it, a matching hat and booties for their baby. As I made these things, they became a meditation to me. Every stitch contained a prayer for her, every strand of yarn contained a piece of my soul.

When it was discovered this 29 year old woman was really a 55 year old man, no cancer, no babies, no husband…it was all a game to him. And I thought about those things I had made for my friend, with my love in every stitch. I redirected my prayer for this person to find peace in their heart.

Today I went to the post office, and there was a box, from him, with the things I made for my “friend” cut into bits with scissors. I took out of the box not peace, not love, but pieces of shredded yarn which was my shredded soul. In his anger at being found out, there was no explantion, no thank you, no thought of the weeks it took me to knit my love and prayers into something my “friend” would have.

That is a creep. That is a vile person. That is an evil person, who can take love, and turn it to hate.

Go on, reporters, do your petty reporting that consumes you. Me, I will try to put back the pieces of my heart once again.


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