Addicted to Gender Studies? Well who isn't? Finally, a place just for you, that understands you and your needs, and won't ban you just for being you. Check out some of these fine pages we've built just for you:
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Reportnik List
Got reportniks on your tail? Come here for a comprehensive listing of all known GS reportniks, with links to their accounts so you can block 'em all!
Reportnik Q&A History!
Tired of being reported? Turn the tables on the reportniks! We've got the entire Q&A history of selected reportniks, for your reporting pleasure.
Debating Resources
Need some help debating with feminists? We've got a wide variety of sources you can use to clobber them in debates once and for all! Feel free to come back here any time you need help debating with a feminist.
Feminist Quotations
Know someone who's still on the fence about feminism? Choose from our list of hateful feminist quotations about men, stay–at–home moms, and their children.
Frequently Asked Questions
Not sure if your question has been asked on Gender Studies? If it's not listed here, you're probably good to go. Otherwise, you'll just be annoying people.
About Us
An explanation of this website, the GS community, and our purpose.
Who We Are
Meet the gang and find out who's behind this website!
The GS Newspaper
Find the latest news about what's going on on GS.
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